Years before the events of the first game, Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, passed away in a tragic house fire. At least, that’s what he originally thought.

The Evil Within 2 follows Sebastian as he travels to the city of Union. With Lily’s mind at the core of its very creation, Union is a mix of claustrophobic environments and wide open areas ripe for player exploration.

You’ll be expected to delve into this inhumane world to save your daughter from the clutches of evil.
 The story we’ve crafted for you is very compelling,” Executive Producer Shinji Mikami says. Each stage you’ll delve into is very unique. I hope people enjoy the game, and I encourage everyone to thoroughly explore the world


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What is The Evil Within 2?

Taking place three years after the first game, The Evil Within 2 is a direct sequel to Tango Gameworks original experience. Sebastian Castellanos our smooth talking protagonist with a suave looking waistcoat is back and more grumpy than ever.

The Evil Within 2 release date  When is it coming out?